About us

Oil and Gas - Soletec

Established in the 1950's, SOLETEC Group provides comprehensive engineering and industrial services to clients in the petrochemical & oil and gas industry. These services include pricing and estimation, industrial strategy & management, architectural, civil and MEP Engineering. Serving the various needs of our clients while meeting the unique challenges that face the oil & gas industry, we firmly believe that ourstrategic planning and streamlined, careful analysis works best to mitigate risk to our clients while increasing productivity and profitability.

SOLETEC works closely with clients to provide fact-based market analysis and insights to improve overall business risk planning and decision-making. We develop realistic strategies for growth that fall in line with corporate and internal procedures. By integrating an appropriate blend of engineering and industrial disciplines to fit the solution, SOLETEC provides cost-effective services with an experienced team that are committed to delivering pragmatic and viable solutions to clients.

As our success can only be defined by the success of our clients, we work diligently to ensure they remain profitable, especially when faced with strong competition and price-cutting. SOLETECd principles have remained with us since company inception and we look forward to continued innovation in the years to come.