Soletec Group's expert consulting engineers work with your company's team to help determine the most cost-effective strategies for project development. We are with you every step of the way, from bidding and conceptual design to project management.

Soletec Group works within partnerships and joint ventures, building relationships and focusing on large industrial areas such as the United States, Europe and emerging areas in Asia. We provide a wide range of services that includes analysis, value positioning, industrial marketing management and engineering consulting. We work on a “Think Global, Act Local” strategy, performing SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis' in order to mitigate risk and remain competitive.

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Gas Sweetening


Gas Dehydration

Removal of water from Gas by means of ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY (TEG – typical dew point 7 lb/MMSCFD) or ADSORPTION TECHNOLOGY (Molecular Sieves, Aluminas – Dew Point < 0.1 ppm V).

Mercury Removal

Removal of Hg using Catalyst Bed or Activated Carbons.

Natural Gas Dew Point Control

Removal of Heavy Hydrocarbons from Natural Gas (to avoid hydrate formation through Natural Gas Transmission Lines) by using REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY.
In case of Light Natural Gas SILICA GEL can be considered.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

Condensate Stabilization

All recovered condensates are treated by Stabilization Column to recovery light hydrocarbons (C3/C4) and heavier are stabilized.

LPG Polishing

LPG Dehydration and Polishing utilizing different ADSORBENTS and CATALYST (removal of contaminants such as H2O, S, COS, RSH, AsH3 etc.)

BOG System

Applicable to Storage Tanks. Re-liquefaction of the Boil Off Gas via BOG compressors and Refrigeration System.


Refrigeration Unit for various process applications (Condensation, Cooling etc.). Different Refrigerant utilizied : C3, C4, C3H6, NH3, Freon etc.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

H2 Recovery - Purification

H2 Recovery using PSA technology or Membrane technology.
H2 Purification using Methanator Technology.

Ethylene Treatment

Usually considered for LLDPE/HDPE Plant.
Complete Purification of Ethylene Stream (removal of H2O, CO2, CO, COS, CH3OH, NH3, AsH3, C2H4) utilizing Solid Adsorbents and Catalyst (regenerable and not-regenerable)

Propylene Treatment

Usually considered for PP Plant. Complete Purification of Propylene Stream (removal of H2O, CO2, CO, COS, CH3OH, O2, NH3, AsH3, C2H4) utilizing Solid Adsorbents and Catalyst (regenerable and not-regenerable)

Nitrogen Polishing

In PP/PE Plant, Diluent like Nitrogen need to be purified. Adsorbent and Catalyst are considered for this application.

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Why choose Us?

Syngas Dehydration & Polishing

Treatment of Syngas Stream (H2,CO rich) utilizing regenerable solid adsorbents

Methane Purification

Methane Purification (removal of contaminants such as C2, C3, S, CO, CO2, Acetylene) utilizing Low Temperature Reformer Technology

Vapour Recovery Unit

Vapour Recovery Unit have different applications in the Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical Industries.
Vapour are recovered to avoid waste to atmosphere or for the recovery of valued hydrocarbons

Oil Dehydration- Desalting

Crude oil Dehydration and Desalting are performed in electrostatic coalescers. Soletec Group's supply complete package system equipped with main Vessels, Pumps, Instruments

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Why choose Us?


The Natural Gas that feed  Natural-Gas-Fueled Power Plant, need to be conditioned by controlling Pressure, Temperature and Dew Point.

Off Gas Dryers

In various plant, Off Gas Dryers need to be dried in order to be utilized for other process or other purposes.


Soletec Group's has experience in designing Process Units for on-shore and off shore application.

EP Supply

Fixed Costs, shorter delivery
Improved Quality
Minimum Site works
Simpler Civil foundations
Easy to move and transport
Ready to operate system
Lower Man power Cost

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

EPC Projects

Soletec Group's will take care of 100 % of site construction activities including Site Management, HSE, material management, civil, piping, mechanical, instruments and electrical works, including hot tapping.

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