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Oil & Gas

Soletec Group has been providing services to the Oil and Gas industry for more than 50 years. As a leading provider of design, engineering and production services across the upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain, Soletec Group has established long-term relationships with some of the world's most important oil and gas companies.

Our Oil and Gas Services Include

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Conceptual Design

Soletec Group's work begins as soon as we receive the project specifications from our client. In this initial phase, Soletec Group brainstorms and develops a variety of solutions, and from there we plan the “key” elements of the project. During this phase, we consider a variety of factors and goals including: project objectives, environmental factors, time, budget, and other potential circumstances. Soletec develops a “project map” from the beginning, and this map enables us to accurately judge the project duration, cost and mitigate any potential obstacles that may arise.


Before we move on to the FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design) phase of any project, we work to develop viable solutions in the Pre-FEED phase. This is the point in the process where we define possibilities, conduct feasibility studies for cost and scheduling, and analyze all other factors that may impact the final outcome of the project. The Pre-FEED phase allows us to develop a single development concept to move forward with.


The FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) Phase ensures that our concept is the most efficient route for reaching project goals. Project specs are tested to ensure cost-effectiveness, timeliness and other quality indicators. This phase is extremely important as the decisions made during the detail design and project execution phases are based in the practice, facts and applications developed during the FEED stage.

Detail Design

Once a project concept is tested and proven to be viable, the engineering phase then begins. During this stage of the process, Soletec focuses on every single detail to ensure all relative components of the project are addressed and that the project may move forward.

Project Management

Once the design phases have been completed to your satisfaction, the project management professionals at Soletec implement the details of your project, ensuring that there is a smooth transition from design to execution to continued management. Our professionals are experts in the area of project management and possess the expertise, resources and communication necessary to streamline the process to help you save time, money and headaches.